Ace Frehley Career and Net Worth

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Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley Career and Net Worth

Ace Frehley Career and Net Worth, Who is the richest Kiss member?

Ace Frehley is an American musician with approximately $1 million in net worth as of this writing. He is commonly known by his stage name “The Spaceman”. He is the guitarist and co-founding member of the rock band called Kiss. He played with the band for most of his life from 1973 to 1982 before switching to a solo career later on. He is considered as one of the best metal guitarist of all time.

Ace Frehley Early Life
Paul Daniel Frehley was born on April 27, 1951 in The Bronx, New York City. Ace was brought up in a family that was steep in music together with two siblings. He started honing his skill in guitaring at a very young age having received an electric guitar present for Christmas. Ace took inspiration from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy and Led Zeppelin. He got his nickname during his days in high school. He was apparently given the name Ace by his friends because he could get his way around any girl he wanted literally as well as help his friends get their dates. Notwithstanding his sterling performance in arts at school, ace dropped out and got involved with a New York City street gang. Who is the richest Kiss member? Steve Perry with over $250 million in net worth.

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Ace Frehley Career
Whiles Ace’s life was spiraling into danger, he was by the Kiss band when he was admitted into their fold, perhaps given him a productive avenue to channel the genius in him. He had already had the band experience before and Kiss was not his first shot. He had been a member of The Four Roses, Honey and The Magic People. Ace had tremendous success with a band known as the Cathedral apparently the “luring factor” in getting him out of school. He later returned to academics earning a diploma, during this time he was involved in doing menial jobs such as mail, furniture and liquor delivery. Ace’s big moment came in the 70s when he auditioned for the band that later became known as Kiss. His persona was up to what the band wanted but his guitar playing abilities and talents spoke louder. He was wanted Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Paul Stanley. The band made the transitions to Kiss fully by 1973. Ace was the lead guitarist, he was the brain behind the band’s lightning-bolt logo. The decision was made for the adoption of stage personas, Ace’s love for science fiction found expression in his choosing the name “The Spaceman”. Notwithstanding the potential that Kiss had, Ace had a hard time with his finances and had to drive a cab to supplement his income. Ace quit quit his job when members of Kiss were paid a $50 per-week salary by their manager. The group released their self-titled debut album in 1974. Ace wrote two of the tracks on the album including “Gold Coin”. Ace was the writer behind several of the band’s songs although he did not sing them himself.

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