Adam DeVine Career and Net Worth

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Adam DeVine

Adam DeVine Career and Net Worth

Adam DeVine Career and Net Worth, Who is the richest from Workaholics? and a lot more are coherently presented in this article.

Adam DeVine is an American comedian, actor, writer and producer. He has approximately $8 million in net worth as of this writing. His profile was greatly bolstered after co-creating and starring in the Comedy Central series Workaholics.
His constant presence on Modern Family as well as playing the leading role on The Righteous Gemstone played a very instrumental role in helping build his reputation.

Adam DeVine Early Life
Adam DeVine was born on November 7, 1983 in Waterloo, Iowa. He spent most part of his childhood and adolescence in Omaha, Nebrasaka. He was injured at the age of eleven whiles riding his bicycle. Adam went into a coma which took 26 surgeries over a couple of years most of which he spent in a wheelchair.
Adam went to Orange Coast College. It was at Orange that he met future Workaholics co-star Blake Anderson. Adam went to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco where he studied theatre. Adam later relocated to Los Angeles to concentrate full time on his performance career.

Adam DeVine Career
He first broke unto the scene as part of the group “Mail Order Comedy” with Anderson, Anders Holm and Kyler Newacheck. The group’s comedy work rose to popularity on MySpace and YouTube after it was launched in 2006. The group made their first television appearance on G4’s Attack of the Show, featuring their music video for “Wizards Never Die”.
The group expanded their tentacles on their work as “The Wizards” with Purple Magic the following year. Adam’s work with the group spawned other acting jobs. With his Mai Order Comedy cohorts he formed Workaholics on Comedy Central in 2011. Adam has since then appeared on several television shows.
Notable are Special Delivery, 5th Year, Better Off Ted, Samantha Who?, Traffic Light, Community, Modern Family, Super Fun Night and many more. Together with almost the cast of Workaholics made a cameo in “Arrested Development” in 2013. Adam expanded his tentacles to a new audience in 2012, he played a key supporting role in “Pitch Perfect” which role he later reprised in the first sequel of the film.
He introduced his own show dubbed “Adam DeVine’s House Party” on Comedy Central. The film combined bother the sitcom and stand-up comedy showcase styles. It ran for three seasons. Adam reached feature film leading man status with Zac Efron in “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”. Who is the richest from Workaholics? Take a ride with me to find out.
In 2018, he starred in a romantic comedy he co-wrote dubbed, “When We First Met”. He appeared in “Isn’t It Romantic”, a parody of romantic comedy tropes in 2019 with Rebel Wilson. Adam reunited with old friend, Blake Anderson to create an adaptation of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in an animated project. Who is the richest from Workaholics? Well, DeVine is the richest with about $8 million in net worth.
He played Young Anthony Bourdain in “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics”, a documentary on Netflix which features celebrities telling stories about their adventures in the world of psychedelic substances.
Adam is one of the stars of Magic Camp, a Disney Comedy made for theatrical release. Corona Virus made it impossible to go the theatre rout releasing it straight to the Disney+ streaming platform in August 2020.

Adam DeVine Personal Life
Adam is a lifelong patron of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals -partly influenced by his childhood struggles with medical issues caused by accident. Adam met Chloe Bridges on the set of The Final Girls in 2014. The started a romantic affair the following year. Adam announced his engagement to Bridges in 2019.


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