Alex Honnold Career and Net Worth

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Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold Career and Net Worth

Alex Honnold Career and Net Worth, What does Alex Honnold do now? Read about the incredible climber who contributed immensely to the sport of rock/peak climbing.

Alex Honnold is an American professional rock climber. He has approximately $2 million in net worth as of this writing. Alex is probably best known as the only person to successfully free solo climb El Capital and is usually named as one of the best rock climbers in the world.

Alex Honnold Early Life
Alex Honnold was born on August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California. Both of Alex’s parents were professors. He is of German ancestry paternally and Polish ancestry maternally. Alex started rock climbing at a gym be the age of 5. he demonstrated his undiluted passion for the sport by the age of ten at which age he frequented the gym several times in a week. During his teens, he competed in a number of rock climbing competitions and won a lot of the time. Alec attended Mira Loma High School and graduated in 2003. After graduation, he went to the University of California, Berkley to pursue civil engineering. He had a tough first year. Alex had a very closed circle of friends because he lived in a rented apartment instead of the dorm. He had a lot on his plate to handle at this time as his parents were going through a divorce at which same time his grandmother passed away. Alex missed classed frequently. He took a semester off to train for the National Climbing Championships in Scotland. Alex did not return to college after. He spent time traveling around California using his mother’s mini van. After the mini van, he resorted to using a bicycle and camped in tents on his travels. he recounts living off less than $1,000 a month from 2004 to 2009.

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Alex Honnold Climbing Career
Alex was quite unknown even though he had been in climbing competitions for a good part of his life. His break came in 2007 when he free soloed Yosemite Valley’s Astroman and Rostrum in a single day- a rare fest rivaled by only Peter Croft in 1987. Alex gained fame and recognition after this feat. Alex free-soloed a 1,200-foot-tall finger crack that splits Zion’s Moonlight Buttress the following year. Many thought of the feat as a joke giving the challenge he had overcome and further fueled by the fact that the feat was shared on April1. Alex free soloed the 2,000 foot tall Regular Northwest Face of Hall Dome in Yosemite later in 2008. Alex made a new record in 2012 for the fastest ascent in one-hour and twenty-to minutes. His fame had grown in leaps and bounds by 2009 but was not known to the public. Alex received a Golden Piton Award for endurance rock climbing in 2010. He gained fame for being one of the most skilled free solo rock climbers in the world in 2011. During this time, his fame had begun to go beyond the climbing community. Alex was featured on the cover of National Geographic in May 2011. In the winter of that year, tried beating the record for the fastest climb of El Capitan and missed the mark narrowly.

Alex Honnold Personal Life
For more than a decade, he lived in a van. He said “I don’t think ‘van life’ is particularly appealing”. He added “It’s not like I love living in a car, but I love living in all these places. Alex bought a home in the Las Vegas area in 2017. Alex is a vegetarian, he does not drink alcohol or use drugs. He usually runs or hikes to keep his fitness.