Ben Baller Career and Net Worth

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Ben Baller

Ben Baller Career and Net Worth

Ben Baller Career and Net Worth, What is Ben Ballers full name? This article presents the career and net worth of the man who has been touted by many as the “best jeweler in the world”. Read the article to unravel more about him.

Ben Baller, the self proclaimed “best jeweler in the world,” is a Korean-American jeweler. Ben has about $100 million net worth as of this writing. He got his wealth through his incredible jewelry designs and various successful companies that he has founded and/or funded.

Ben Baller Early Life
Ben Baller was born on January 27, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. He played a little high school and college basketball. He got his nickname “Baller” from his playing days in school. Ben was a renowned professional DJ from 1993 to 2004 and a record executive with 20 platinum album credits from Dr. Dre to Jay-Z.

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Ben Baller Jewelry Career
Ben made the jump from platinum records to diamond chains in 2004, launching Icee Fresh with his cousin and uncle. Ben’s family had been in the jewelry business for over four decades. Ben transformed the business with a new twist. That twist was to land their iced-out pieces around the necks of music’s biggest stars. Ben is known for making extravagant diamond encrusted jewelry. Ben’s clientele consists of Hip Hop, NBA and NFL personalities, among many more. Although he talks in the epithet-riddled tongue and cadence of the inner city, he is a Beverly Hills High alumnus. Ben was educated in UC Berkeley educated and is the son of a UCLA history professor. Consistent with the connections between tattooing and brand association, jewels have also been used to express corporate ties, as well as an expression of individuality. The jewelry game is the latest in a series of fascinating movements in his life- from college athlete to record industry insider to world famous sneaker collector. From fashion to music, Ben appears to be involved in every industry you can name in one form or another and enjoying every bit of it. He won the coveted jeweler of the year award In 2017 .

Ben Baller Personal Life
The jeweler has managed to keep his personal life away from the attention of the media and the public. His girlfriend is Nicole Lacson.