Bob Menery Career and Net Worth

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Bob Menery

Bob Menery Career and Net Worth

Bob Menery Career and Net Worth, Who does Bob menery work for? These and many other facts about the man with the golden voice are found in this article. The article explores how Bob made it notwithstanding the many difficulties he found himself in.

Bob Menery is an American social media personality, podcaster, comedian, YouTuber and blogger. He has approximately $5 million in net worth as of this writing. Bob is one reputable content creators in the country. He commenced his career by launching self-titled You-Tube channel where he uploaded very interesting content of pranks and roasting videos.

Bob Menery Early Life
Bob was born on June 10th, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. Bob comes from a middle-class family and has two siblings. Bob went to St Michael’s Catholic School for high school. Bob nurtured his comedic talent while in school. He entertained his classmates with impressions of famous figures. Bob’s voice cut him finely for the job of broadcasting. Bob began jokingly acting like a professional broadcaster when the school did sport. This was very key in his creating his own viral videos.

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Bob Menery Early Career
At the age of 23, he enrolled in New York’s film school and began taking acting classes. Bob then moved to Los Angeles with the hope of finding a job as an actor all to no avail. Bob confronted his chllenging times in LA. He picked up a drug problem, which got worse over the years.In an interview with Ed Mylett, Menery said his breaking point was when he over-drafted his card and had nowhere to live. He lived out of his car for three months.Bob found a job as a golf caddy during this time that provided him with some income, but this didn’t paint the picture of the future he wanted. After his stint in LA, he came back to Boston. Bob’s life took a dramatic turn in Boston. Who does Bob Menery work for? He is voice of Buffalo Wild Wings and also hosts the ZAPPED podcast

Bob Menery Social Media Breakthrough
Back in Boston, his brother-in-law was persistent that he applies for a job at a liquor store. Later that night, he had a call from an old friend Mike Constantino to be an extra in his upcoming music video. At the after-party, he ran into a complete stranger named David Justin. He and David started talking, and David asked to hear his sports broadcasting voice that everyone had told him about. Bob obliged. While he was in the act, Justin knew that he had to record this moment. So he did. The following day, Justin sent the video to BroBible, and they reposted it, and the video went viral! Within just a day, Bob got 10,000 followers on Instagram and was an overnight sensation. His career was finally taking off!