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Chris Pontius

Chris Pontius

Chris Pontius is an American actor and entertainer. He has a net worth of an estimated $4 million. Chris is popularly known for his integral role in the reality stunt show, “Jackass” as well as a co-host of “Wildboyz”. Chris grew up in a ranch in Obispo, California. Growing up, Chris had a strong passion for skateboarding which would in the future set him on his career path.

Early Life
Chris Pontius was in Pasadena, California on July 16, 1974. He was raised in san Luis obispo. His parents are Major Owens and Olive Osmond. His love for skateboarding got him featured in “Big Brother” a skateboarding magazine very early in his life. He worked briefly with the magazine before getting fired in 1999. He was reinstated shortly after.
Chris got reinstated immediately authoring an article titled, “Life after Big Brother”. Chris recounted very bizarre instances where he lived from his Toyota pickup truck. These experiences gave him the necessary fortification required for what laid ahead. In 2000, Chris in collaboration with “Big Brother” members created the hit MTV comedy series “Jackass”. This served as a springboard necessary for exploits later on.

“Jackass” served exactly as the catalyst Chris needed for his career. Chris was often known as “Bunny the Lifeguard” or “Party Boy” with the unique signature of wearing either a male pouch thong and a bow tie, or a headband and a belt. Chris featured naked in most Kackass stunts.
He began a television series with Steve-O, fellow stuntman after the Jackass in 2003. The series features the two performing stunts often putting themselves in precarious with animals. This takes the two globetrotting.

Chris married to Claire Nolan from 2003 to 2014. The couple went their separate ways. Chris is now married to Mae. The lovers have a son called Axe.


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