Daddy Long Neck Career and Net Worth

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Daddy Long Neck

Daddy Long Neck Career and Net Worth

Daddy Long Neck Career and Net Worth, What is long necks real name?, genetic disorder and how he managed to rise above the circumstances of his birth to fame are all covered in this article.

Daddy Long Neck is a famous American social media personality and blogger. He has approximately $10.44 million in net worth. He is very famous for Instagram pics and videos. He has about 2.2 million on Instagram. Daddy Long Neck is also known as Long Neck Kids and Demon Long Neck. He rose to fame around 2018 with his posts of quirky dance moves.

Daddy Long Neck Early Life
What is long necks real name? Daddy Long Neck was born as David Samuelson Jr. on September 15, 1999 in Flint, Michigan, United States. He was born to Krissy and David who are divorced pursuing separate individual lives. Long Neck has a brother who has appeared on several of his videos.
Long Neck has Marfan syndrome- a genetic disorder that affects connective tissues making limbs long and skinny. He was fed as a kid for four to five years through a tube. He made it known that he has a very normal life notwithstanding his figure. He was a constant object of bully as a child and even now as an adult suffers trolls and abuse on virtually all his posts.

Daddy Long Neck Career
He had already attained a certain level of fame with quite a following on Instagram and YouTube before meeting with media personalities like Wide Neck. Daddy Long Neck began his videos first on Facebook before migrating to Instagram later. He posted videos that usually showed him, friends and family members doing funny acts challenges.
That was magnetizing enough attracting hundreds of thousands of followers. His status was handed a major face lift when he met Wide Neck. Together with Wide Neck, they dropped their first music video dubbed “Necks Up” in December 2018. The video got over 8 million streams in less than two months.
The released their second music video “Necks Big Thing” barely weeks after their first. It also replicated the success witnessed by the second. It garnered millions of streams.

Daddy Long Neck Personal Life
Daddy Long Neck’s height is 5ft 3in. His childhood saw countless visits in and out of hospitals. He is an addend fan of Stone Cold and The Rock (former wrestlers). He got a lot of attention as a result of his uniqueness. Notwithstanding the fact that he has dated a number of women in the past, his current partner or girlfriend is not known. daddy Long Neck apparently lost his virginity at an incredibly young age of 8.


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