Danny Koker House

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Danny Koker's House

Danny Koker House

A peaceful abode to lay one’s head remains one of the many material aspirations of every human. Some are hamstrung in their effort by funds, others have also not had the opportunity to even dream getting one for themselves. A few neighborhoods however remain the envy of most. Las Vegas is one of such neighborhoods. Learn about Danny Koker House, How many personal cars does Danny Koker have? as well as his stunning house situated in the neighborhood of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city known for its extravagance, glitz, glamor and over-the-top lifestyle. Situated away in the northwest part of the city is a more modest and down-to-earth neighborhood. Danny Koker’s house is located here. Danny Koker is the star of History Channel’s “Counting Cars”. Koker’s home is a modest one story house. It that blends in fantastically with the other homes in the neighborhood. Koker’s Las Vegas home is a plush property. It features a large garage filled with cars and motorcycles, as well as a backyard oasis with a pool, spa, and fire pit.

The Details of danny Koker’s House
The Danny Koker house remains a popular topic among fans and followers of the show “Counting Cars”. Many people cannot wait to have a glimpse of what the inside of the house looks like and what features it has. The house is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and was built in 2001. It has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a swimming pool. It’s 6,000 square feet and cost $1.2 million to build. Danny Koker House Address: Shadowleaf Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117. How many personal cars does Danny Koker have? The Counting Cars man has 55 cars and 70 motorcycles.

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What Makes His House Special
A couple of things make Danny Koker’s house stand out. Firstly, it is decorated with fascinating and unique items from all over the world. Another is that it is full of family memories, which have a lot sentimental value to Danny. Lastly, the house has a really cozy and comfortable feel to it, which makes spending time there very enjoyable.

Where Does Danny Koker Currently Reside?
Danny is one of the stars of the show. He is known for his fascination about cars as well as his amazing skills when it comes to restoring them. Danny Koker currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is a city that continues to grow in leaps and bounds.