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Darah Trang

Darah Trang

Sometimes all one needs is the passion to pursue their dreams. Dreaming is quite easy, the most difficult part is the discipline to do the work required to reach one’s dream. Learn about Darah Trang, What does Darah Trang do? and a lot more in this article.

Darah Trang is a professional photographer from Canada. Darah has about $0.700 million in net worth as at March 2023. She has completed various photography projects for fashion agencies. Darah is famous as the wife of Anson Mount, a well-known actor who has been in films such as Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Hell On Wheels, and Red Widow. She lives in the United States of America. She had relocated from Canada earlier in order to pursue her passion for photographer. She had earlier worked in the capacity of a financial officer.

Early Life
Darah Trang was born on 21 October, in the latter parts of the 1980s in Saint Paul, Alberta, Canada. Darah attended Alberta College of Arts School of Visual Arts.

Darah Trang Career
Darah is a professional photographer. She had began nurturing a lifelong passion in the arts. Darah relocated from Canada to America just to pursue her passion in photography. Her Instangram account is awash with photographs of food, insects and animals. Darah worked as a finance officer in Canada. She began her career as a finance manager at Academy Group of Companies. She worked there for five years. Darah was later on engaged in the finance department of Laprairie Crane and Northland Fleet. She is also very active in philanthropy. She a strong advocate for women’s and oppressed people’s right. Darah has had a stint with the New Sanctuary Coalition- a non-profit organization which helps and empowers immigrants to know their rights in the United States. Darah volunteered to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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Darah Trang Husband
Darah is married to Anson Mount-American actor. The lovers met in September 2011 through a mutual friend. They were engaged six years later. On February 20, 2018 they got married. The couple have a daughter-Clover Ngoc Mount who was born on December 4, 2021.