Dean Martin Career and Net Worth

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Dean Martin

Dean Martin Career and Net Worth

Dean Martin Career and Net Worth, Who inherited Dean Martin money?

Dean Martin was an American singer, actor and comedian. Dean had about $30 million in net worth as at the time of his demise in 1995. He was popularly known for his comedy work with Jerry Lewi and his comedic variety show “The Dean Martin Show”. Dean was a member of the group called “The Rat Pack” which had Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Humphrey Bogart.

Dean Martin Early Life
Dean Martin was born Dino Paul Crocetti on June 7, 1917in Steubenville, Ohio. Dean’s father was a barber who had immigrated from Italy and his mother was also of Italian root. He grew up speaking fluent Italian, began learning English at the age of five when he enrolled at Grant Elementary School in Steubenville. His accent and broken English rendered him a target for bullying. Dean learnt how to play the drum as a teenager. He dropped out of high school in his sophomore year because Dean felt he was smarter than his teachers. Dean did a number of mundane jobs as a steel miller, a bootlegger, a blackjack dealer and as a welterweight boxer after dropping out of school to make ends meet. He began boxing at the age of 15 under that name Kid Crochet. Dean later relocated to New York City where he shared an apartment with Sonny King -also trying to begin his career in show business. He dropped boxing after he secured job as a roulette stickman at an illegal casino. Around this same time, Dean started singing with local bands using the stage name “Dino Martini”. Dean had his long-awaited break after joining the ranks of Ernie McKay Orchestra. Dean was already singing for the Sammy Watkins Orchestra by 1940. He received impetus from Watkins to change his name to Dean Martin, which advise he heeded. He left in the fall of that year and commenced performing in New York that year.

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Martin and Lewis
Dean came across comedian Jerry Lewis in 1945 at the Glass Hat Club. The duo debuted on stage in Atlantic City a year later latching unto the opportunity after the scheduled singer failed to show up. Martin was suggested by Lewis as replacement. After a while performing together, the duo failed to garner positive reviews and the owner warned he would cancel their contract unless they improved their act. The duo began using scripted material but for the mean time improvised with Martin singing and Lewis bumbling around like an idiot. The duo became a bit popular with the crowns. This paved way for jobs including a run at New York’s Copacabana Club. Notwithstanding the spurts of success, the duo remained largely unpopular. The duo were thrusted into the limelight in 1949 after they appeared in the comedy musical film “My Friend Irma”. The performance won the admiration of NBC executives who mooted the idea of a comedy radio show. The network expended about $400,000 in preparation for production offering the duo a five-year deal as well as a $150,000 salary. Their comedy was mostly visually-oriented and didn’t translate well on radio. The two got very lucrative sponsorship deals with Chesterfield cigarettes and Anacin. They made their television debut on “The Colgate Comedy Hour” in 1950.

Dean Martin Solo Career
Dean appeared in his first film in “ten Thousand Bedrooms” in 1957. The movies was a flop commercially. Dean made an appearance with Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift in the war drama “The Young Lions” the following year. The drama was positively reviewed by critics. Dean starred with Fran Sinatra in the drama film “Some Came Running” which got nominated for a couple of Academy Awards. Dean worked during this time trying to position himself as dramatic actor and he found great success in that endeavor. By the middle part of the 1960s, Dean had appeared in films such as “Artists and Models”, “Robing and the 7 Hoods”, “Ada” and “Oceans 11”. Who inherited Dean Martin money? Follow me. Dean persisted in his quest build his singing career, in 1965, he was handed his own variety television show dubbed “The Dean Martin Show”. The show ran from 1965 to 1974, Dean received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy in 1966.

Dean Martin Personal Life and Death
Dean married Elizabeth Anne McDonald in 1941. The couple had four children together before divorcing in 1949. He married Dorothy Jean Biegger in the latter part of 1949, they had three children together and later divorced in 1973. Dean was finally married to Catherine Hawn, the marriage lasted three years with no children. Dean was a heavy smoker and was diagnosed of lung cancer in September 1993. Dean turned the option to undergo surgery to give him a few more days. He stopped appearing in public in 1995. He died of respiratory failure on Christmas Day in 1995. Ohio Route 7 which passes through his hometown was renamed in an attempt to honor him in 1997 to Dean Martin Boulevard. Who inherited Dean Martin money? His wealth was inherited by ex-wife Jean Bieger.

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