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Demaurice Smith

Demaurice Smith

The National Football League Players Union is led by DeMaurice Smith as its executive director (NFLPA). Having been elected in 2009, he has held that post ever since.

Demaurice Smith Early Life

In the United States, on February 3, 1964, Smith was born in Washington, D.C. He attended the University of Virginia, where he earned his J.D. from the school of law there as well as his B.A. in political science from Ohio’s Cedarville University, a Baptist institution.

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Demaurice Smith Career

Smith became the executive head of the National Football League Players Association in March 2009 after being unanimously chosen by a board of active player representatives (NFLPA). Despite his lack of football experience, Smith had an edge over rival candidates Trace Armstrong and sports lawyer David Cornwell thanks to his connections to the White House and business experts. In 2012 and 2015, respectively, he was chosen for his second and third mandates. Demaurice Smith has stressed the need for players to be more engaged in the process, educate themselves, and take more charge of their careers as Executive Director.

Even though his primary duty is to advocate for increased player pay and safety, he has made it obvious that long-term health care and benefits for the future are also important. The 2011 impasse was the main topic of discussion during his first tenure as the NFLPA’s executive director. Smith worked with the NFLPA to negotiate with the NFL owners and reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement in July 2011. The agreement included improved player safety, better player salaries, long-term health care, and increased benefits for retired NFL players. In August 2017, he became a member of the board of directors for the Prince George’s County Lacrosse Association.

Before joining the NFLPA, Demaurice Smith worked as a trial attorney and litigation partner in the Washington, D.C., offices of Latham & Watkins and Patton Boggs, where he also served as head of the practice group for government investigations and white-collar crime. Prior to going into private practice, he assisted Eric Holder, who was then the deputy attorney general of the United States, with legal matters. Additionally, he worked on issues like national security and prison construction for nine years and a year, respectively, with the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Department of Justice. He is married to Karen Padgett Smith. They exchanged vows in the year 1993. Elizabeth Smith, a daughter, and Alex Smith, a boy, are the children that Karen Padgett Smith and DeMaurice Smith are proud to be the parents of.

Demaurice Smith Net Worth

DeMaurice Smith’s net worth is $10 million. His worth includes his assets and salary.