Derek Deso Career and Net Worth

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Derek Deso

Derek Deso Career and Net Worth

Whatever your hands find, do it with all your might. This phrase is sometimes taken loosely by a lot of people. Learn about Derek Deso Career and Net Worth, How did Derek Deso make his money? and how he transformed his life by posting prank YouTube videos for likes. He has grown his popularity and fan base on YouTube.

Derek Deso is an American boy popularly known as a YouTube star and social media personality. He has a net worth of between $ 8 -$ 10 million as of this writing. Derek earned his wealth from his youtube channel-he uploads very fascinating prank videos.

Derek Deso Early Life
Derek Deso was born on February 18, 1989 in the United States. Derek’s birth was celebrated by the entire family, his date of birth has become a very memorable day in his family’s history. Derek grew up with his siblings and mother. Derek attended Bellflower High School. After he graduated from high school, he went to Primary University. Derek has a twin brother named Ryan Deso.

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Derek Deso Career and fame
Derek began his career by uploading interesting prank videos on YouTube. He has quite a following on YouTube. He attributes his success to the help his mother gave him in creating and growing his YouTube Channel. His mother and twin brother are very instrumental in his videos. They also had their share of fame as a result of the videos. His channel has in excess of 2.5 billion subscribers making him a YouTube star. He earned the attention of the people using his God-given acting skills. His content is unique. At the start of his channel, only his friends subscribed to the channel. With the support of his family, he managed to garner state-level recognition. Subsequently, Derek got his friends NesBoog, Obanguy, Lil Moco and his twin brother Ryan Deso involved. Derek together with his friends uploaded the first challenge video in August 2011. The videos elicited impressive responses from viewers giving him the impetus to upload more videos. How did Derek Deso make his money? He makes his money solely from posting prank videos on YouTube.

Derek Deso Personal Life
Derek made the decision to get married to Sophia Turner. The couples post their union made videos together. His wife remains an integral part of all his videos- they are deemed as the best couple on YouTube. The couple receive undiluted love and support from their fans.