Donatella Versace Career and Net Worth

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Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace Career and Net Worth

Donatella Versace Career and Net Worth, How much did Donatella sell Versace for? and more are found in this article.

Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer. He has about $400 million in net worth as of this writing. Donatella is the younger sister of famous designer Gianni Versace. Donatella assumed control of his company after he was murdered in 1997. She has served in a number of capacities – Versace’ CEO, Chief Creative Officer and artistic director. Donatella played an instrumental role in selling the company to Michael Kors in 2018 for $2.12 billion.

Donatella Versace Early Life
Donatella Versace was born Donatella Francesca Versace on May 2, 1995 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. Her parents are Francesca (mother, dressmaker) and Antonio (father, salesman). Donatella has three siblings -Gianni, Santo and Tina. Tina passed away at the age of 12 from tetanus infection. Donatella and Gianni were taught fashion design by their mother, Francesca. Donatella on the insistence of Gianni started dying her hair blonde at the age of 11. She went to the University of Florence in 1973, she majored in foreign languages. She had the dream of becoming a teacher. She frequented Italy during her days at the University to help her brother Gianni with his clothing business.

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Donatella Versace Career
Versace had initially planned to work in the public relations department of Gianni’s company, however, her brother had other plans for her as a critic and a muse. He made Donatella Vice President of the Company when he founded Versace in 1978. She was very key in coordination Versace’s fashion shows and advertising campaigns. She was given a fashion label, Versus in the 1980s and launched the perfume Blonde. After her brother had cancer in the mid-1990s, she became much more involved in the business. Donatella assumed the position of head of design after his brother was murdered in 1997. She has featured a number of celebrities in her advertising campaign -Madonna, Demi Moore, Courtney Love and Nicki Minaj. Her design, low-cut silk chiffon dress became the most talked about, Jennifer Lopez donned it to the 2000 Grammy Awards. Within a matter of hours, the Grammy’s website’s images of the dress saw downloads in excess of 640,000. Later that, year, Trey Parker wore a version of the dress to the Academy Awards. Donatella released the book, “Versace” in 2016. It is an account of her career as well as the company’s legacy. How much did Donatella sell Versace for? She sold it for $2.1 billion.

Versace Acquisitions
Versace sold a 20% stake in the company to private equity firm Blackstone in 2014. The investment sent the company’s value to about $1.4 billion. Later, Allegra’s 50% stake was worth about $700 million and Donatella was worth a whopping 4280 million. Michael Kors Holdings announced on September 25, 2018 that it had acquired Versace for $2.2 billion.

Donatella Versace Personal Life
Donatella married Paul Beck in 1983. The couple welcomed their daughter Allegra Versace in 1986 and in 1989, they welcomed their son Daniel. They divorced in200. Versace wed Manuel Dallori in 2004. The marriage ended the following year. She suffered from drug addiction after her brother’s demise and had to go to rehab.