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Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden Net Worth
Eric Braeden is a German-American film and television actor. Eric has a net worth of about $25 million. Most know him as Victor Newman on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless”. He was born in Bredenbek, Germany. He moved to the USA in 1959. He is also known for playing Hans Dietrich in “The Rat Patrol” and John Jacob Astor IV in “Titanic”.

Early Life
Eric Braeden was born Hans-Jörg Gudegast on 3rd April, 1941 in Bredenbek, Germany. Eric moved to the US in 1959. He attended The University of Montana in Missoula. Eric is a German.

The period from 1966 to 1968 saw Eric give initial ignition to his career by featuring in the TV series, “The Rat Patrol”, “Six Million Dollar Man” as well as “Wonder Woman”. The actor has made appearances in a few episodes of the CBS network show, “Gunsmoke”. Eric has also featured in movies such as “Colossal: The Forbidden Project”, in 1971 as well as “Planet of the Apes” the following year.
During the productionof Colossal, Eric was compelled to take the stage name Braeden for the first time after Lew Wasserman of Universal Pictures joked that no one would be allowed to star in an American film with a German name. The name Braeden was coined from name of his hometown, Bredenbeck

Eric was honored with a Daytime Emmy for playing the charcter of Victor Newman. He featured in the television show, “How I Met Your Mother” as Robin’s father. He earned a chunk of his money through sitcoms and movies. In 2009, the actor received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Personal Life
Eric Braeden is married to Dale Gudegast. The lovers have a son called Chris Gudegast together. Chris is a screenplay writer. Indeed, the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Eric has managed to keep his personal life from the glare and scrutiny from the ever-watchful eye of the public.


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