Glenn Guist Career and Net Worth

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Glenn Guist

Glenn Guist Career and Net Worth

Glenn Guist Career and Net Worth, Who is the richest person on Swamp People?

Glenn Guist is arguable one of the oldest and experienced hunters. Glenn is an American alligator hunter and a reality television personality. Glenn has a net worth of $0.200 million. He is a cast member of the popular history channel series, “Swamp People”. Glenn lives in Gonzales, Louisiana and Pecan Island, Louisiana. Glenn and his brother Mitchell are renowned gator hunters. A trade they learnt from their father.

Glenn Guist Early Life
Glenn Guist was born on February 8, 1962 in Conway Bayou, Louisana. His parents are Hubert Guist and Bonnie Albrighton. Glenn hails from a family of fishermen and hunters, and gator hunting is a skill passed down from generation. He has 4 siblings. Glenn grew up with his other three siblings namely Mitchell Guist, Hubert Guist Jr., Tonya Guist, and Daniel Guist apart from his sister.
He was very close friends with his brother Mitchell, the name Glenmitchell was used to refer to both of them. Their hunting skills were honed by their father. All his siblings apart from his sister have predeceased him. His brother and very close friend Mitchell died in 2012. This had a major effect on him and it was thought that he would not make it to the show after his brother’s demise. He however made a return to the show.

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Glenn Guist Career
Glenn’s interest in hunting became conspicuous at a very tender age. Glenn is a talented hunter and depends predominantly on the swamp to earn his livelihood. Glenn has been an alligator hunter all his life. prior to his featuring in Swamp People, he worked in Conway Bayou with his family. He was a regular cast member of the reality television show, “The Swamp People”. Who is the richest person on Swamp People? Well Chase Landry is. Glenn made his maiden appearance in 2011 during the second season. He has his personal merchandise store. Glenn is no longer a member of the cast of the reality show “Swamp People”. Many have attributed his absence from the show to the demise of his brother Mitchell in 2012.

Glenn Guist Personal Life
The 64 year old as of 2022 remains unmarried. Nobody knows his current relationship status either with no evidence that he has ever been married. Glenn has no children. The experienced hunter has no presence on social media as well. many have attributed his absence on social media to his very shy nature.

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