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Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith


Jacquelyn Ellen Smith is an American actress and entrepreneur. She is estimated to have a colossal $150 million in net worth. Jacquelyn’s wealth comes from acting as well as her business.
Her role in the 1970’s show, “Charlie’s Angels” played a seminal role in establishing her as an international super star. The actress is also known for playing diverse roles in “Escape from Bogen County”, “The Bourne Identity” as well as “Nightmare in the Daylight”.

Early Life
Jacquelyn Ellen Smith was born on October 26th, 1974 in Houston, Texas. Her parents were Margaret Ellen Hartsfield and Jack Smith. Jaclyn went to Maribeau B. Lamar High School in Texas graduating in 1964.
After graduating from Maribeau, she went Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Jaclyn left the university a year into her studies for Balanchine School of American Ballet.

Jacquelyn gained a foot in the door in terms of her modeling career in 1971. She was featured in a TV and print ads. Her role in Charlie’s Angels in 1976 was a major turning point in her career. She played the role of Kelly Grant in what became a very iconic TV series. Her fame had reached the roofs already after just three seasons. She goes down as the only character not replaced in the in the entire series until it came to a close in 1981.
The gifted actress featured in several films including, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “Escape from Bogen County”, “Nightkill” and others. Jaclyn was honoured with a Golden Globe nomination. Her most recent films include, “The District”, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Bridal Wave” and others.
Smith launched her own collection of women’s apparel in 1985. She together with “Kmart” launched “Jaclyn Smith Today” line of home decor. The actress owns her line of wigs as well. Jaclyn is only one of very few celebrities who have successfully leveraged on their fame to introduce their own product lines.

Personal Life
Jaclyn got married to fellow actor, Roger Davis in 1968. Their marriage only lasted from November 29, 1968 to January 15, 1975. She later got married to Dennis Cole. This union also lasted for just three years ending in a divorce. Jaclyn married filmmaker Anthony Richmond on August 4, 1981. They have two children together.
The marriage came to a bitter end in 1989. Jaclyn paid a colossal $4 million to have sole custody of her children. Jaclyn after several failed marriages, married heart surgeon, Brad Allen on October 11, 1997. Later in 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


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