James Gandolfini Career and Net Worth

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James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini Career and Net Worth

James Gandolfini Career and Net Worth, Who inherited James Gandolfini’s money? These and more interesting facts for the core of this article.

James Gandolfini was an American actor and producer. At the time of his death in 2013, he had an estimated $70 million in net worth. The actor is popularly known for his portrayal of Tony Soprano on the HBO TV series “The Sopranos”. Gandolfini also featured in “True Romance” as well as “Zero Dark Thirty”. He died of heart attack on June 19, 2013.

James Gandolfini Early Life
James Joseph Gandolfini Jr. was born on September 18, 1961 in Westwood, New Jersey. His parents were James and Santa. His father was a Purple Heart recipient (World War II) who worked in multiple capacities as a bricklayer, cement mason, and head custodian and his mother was a high school food service worker. James had two younger sisters; Leta and Johanna.
Gandolfini went to Park Ridge High School graduating in 1979. His love for basketball during his high school days earned him the name “Class Flirt”. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Rutgers University in 1983. Gandolfini studied the Meisner acting technique at the Gately Poole Conservatory.

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James Gandolfini Career
Gandolfini had his first film role in 1989 in a New York University student film titled Eddy. He played Virgil in the romantic thriller, “True Romance” in 1993. Gandolfini is famously known for the role he played in HBO’s “The Sopranos”. His performance earned him a number of awards; 3 PrimeTime Emmy Awards, an AFI Award, a Golden Globe, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards and others.
Gandolfini produced the documentaries; “Alive Day Memoirs: Home from Iraq,”Wartorn: 1861–2010” and biopic “Hemingway & Gellhorn” for HBO. These documentaries covered the experiences of war veterans. James was honored posthumously for the Best Supporting Actor in “Enough Said” a romantic comedy which co-starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

James Gandolfini Personal Life
James got married to Marcy Wudarski in 1999. The couple had a son, Michael. In 2002, the marriage came to an abrupt end, Gandolfini married Deborah Lin his second wife in August, 2008. The couple welcomed their daughter, Liliana in October, 2012.

James Gandolfini Death
James Gandolfini passed on June 19th, 2013. He was 51 years old. He was found unconscious by his son Michael on the bathroom floor. Gandolfini was confirmed dead upon arrival at the hospital. The coroner’s inquest confirmed that Gandolfini died of heart attack. Who inherited James Gandolfini’s money? His wealth was inherited by his two sisters and his daughter.