Jerry O’Connell Career and Net Worth

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Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O’Connell Career and Net Worth

Learn about Jerry O’Connell Career and Net Worth, How much does Jerry make on the talk? as well as his early career beginnings. This articles sheds more light on how he made an unexpected career shift and the ramifications thereof.

Jerry O’Connell is an American actor. Jerry has a net worth of about $20 million as of this writing- a combined net worth with his wife since 2007, Rebecca Romijn. Jerry is probably best known for his acting work. O’Connell is also a director and a talk show host. Some of his most notable credits include “Sliders,” “My Secret Identity,” and “Crossing Jordan.” He has appeared in major films such as “Stand By Me,” “Joe’s Apartment,” “Jerry Maguire,” “Scream 2,” “Kangaroo Jack,” and “Piranha 3D”. Jerry is a renowned voice actor who has a recurring role in the animated series “Star Trek: Lower Decks”.

Jerry O’Connell  Early Life
Jeremiah O’Connell was born on February 17th of 1974 in Manhattan, New York City. He was raised by an art teacher and an art director at an advertising agency. From a very young age, Jerry exhibited his interest in a career in the creative industry. His family has Italian, Polish, and Irish ancestry. After attending Manhattan’s Professional Children’s School, O’Connell attended New York University. Jerry studied screenwriting instead of drama. Jerry later enrolled in Southwestern Law School in 2009, he unfortunately dropped out in order to focus on his acting career once again.

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Jerry O’Connell  Career
By the time he went to the University, his acting career had already started and making very significant. Jerry appeared in a variety of commercials for brands like Duncan Hines cookies and Frosted Flakes at a very young age. His major breakthrough as a child actor came at the age of 11 when he starred in “Stand by Me”. He acted alongside River Phoenix, Cory Feldman, Wil Wheaton, and Kiefer Sutherland. The period from late 80s to the early 90s, saw him star in the Canadian TV sitcom “My Secret Identity”. By the time he was attending NYU, he was already appearing in feature films like “Calendar Girl” and shows like “Camp Wilder”. He gained immense popularity with the role of Quinn Mallory in “Sliders”. How much does Jerry make on the talk? Learn in this article. After his graduation from NYU in 1995, Jerry gravitated more towards film work. Some of his most notable roles during this period were in films like “Jerry Maguire,” “Body Shots,” “Mission to Mars,” “Tomcats,” “Scream 2,” and “Kangaroo Jack.” He also sold his first screenplay in the late 90s. He continued his television work, landing a role in the crime drama “Crossing Jordan”. Jerry reprised his role as Hoyt in a number of episodes of “Las Vegas”. Jerry played Captain Marvel in an episode of “Justice League Unlimited” in 2005. He appeared in the series “Carpoolers” during the mid 2000s. He later landed more TV roles in shows like “Samanthat Who?”, “Do Not Disturb” and “The Defender”. How much does Jerry make on the talk? He made about $2 million on the show.

Jerry O’Connell  Personal Life
Jerry O’Connell married Rebecca Romijn in 2007. The pair are one of the most famous couples in the entertainment industry. Romijn is a successful actor and former model in her own right. Rebecca and Jerry welcomed twin girls into the world in 2008.