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Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Net Worth

Kathy Hilton is an American actress, fashion designer and philanthropist. She has about $350 million together with her husband, Rick. Rick and Kathy Hilton are the parents of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton.

Early Life
Kathy Hilton was born Elizabeth Avanzino on 13th March, 1959. Her parents are Kathleen Mary and Laurance K. Avanzino. Following Hilton’s parents divorce, her mother married Kenneth E. Richards who also had three children from his previous marriage. She also has five paternal half-siblings from her father’s second marriage.
Kathy went to a private high school in Los Angeles becoming friends with Michael Jackson. The friends remained closely-knit until Michael’s death in 2009.

Kathy started to hone her skill at a very young age. She began appearing on screen at the age of 9. Kathy at that tender age appeared in “Bewitched”, “The Rockford Files”, “Nanny and the Professor”, “Happy Days”, Family Affair” among others. She met Hilton Hotel’s heir Richard Hilton at the age of 15.
Kathy’s acting career came to an “end” quite early, she had already “retired” by the age of 15 when she met Richard Hilton. They married in 1979, 5 years after meeting. Between the 1980s and 1990s, she had her own novelty gift and antique store called The Staircase on Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles.
She made a return of sort to show business after marrying Hilton. Kathy worked as a host on home-shopping network QVC. She became the host of the reality television program I Want to Be a Hilton on NBC. Kathy made a cameo on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless. She appeared on The World According to Paris in 2011. Kathy in 2012 said her refusal to watch her sisters’ show was because they cause her to fall apart and break down.

Personal Life
Kathy live with her husband Richard Hilton in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The couple have four children namely Paris, Nicky (daughters), Barron and Conrad (sons). She is very active with philanthropy. She raised funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Kathy was recognized together with her daughters in 2011. She received an award from the Starlight Children’s Foundation during its “a Stellar Night” gala in Los Angeles.


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