Lance Bass Career and Net Worth

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Lance Bass

Lance Bass Career and Net Worth

Lance Bass Career and Net Worth, Who is the richest member of NSYNC?

Lance Bass is an American singer, dancer, actor, producer, television presenter and author. He has about $20 million in net worth as of this writing. Lance won the hearts of many throughout the latter part of the 1990s as well as early 2000s as a member of the hugely famous boy group, NSYNC. His vocal prowess was acknowledge by his members albeit quite incapable when it comes to his dancing abilities.

Lance Bass Early Life
Lance Bass was born on May 4, 1979 in Laurel, Mississippi. He was given the name, James Lance Bass at birth. His parents are James (father, medical technologist) and Diane (mother, middle school teacher). Lance and his sister were brought up in a predominantly Christian home. He had nurtured his interest in working for NASA one day as a child.
During his early years, his love for space became quite evident. He started nurturing his singing skills in church as well as in other local performance groups. Lance was a part of his school’s competitive show choir and later joined the Mississippi Show Stoppers which was a statewide music group.

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Lance Bass Career
Whiles in school, he got a phone call from Justin Timberlake and his mother asking him if he wanted to audition for a new group called NSYNC. Timberlake knew Lance due to the fact that his vocal trainer had worked with Bass whiles he was with the Mississippi Show Stoppers. Lance auditioned and got entry into the band causing him to abandon school and relocate to Orlando, Florida.
Lance decided to rehearse daily in order to catch up with his mates in terms of choreography. He was almost dropped from the band due to his dancing, but for the intervention of his mates who had said they were not signing a contract unless it included Lance. They signed the contract and the band moved to Germany for their first album. Who is the richest member of NSYNC? Justin Timberlake is the richest.
The had quite a successful time in Europe before they came back to the US and signed with the American record label, RCA in 1997. The first single “I Want You Back” was well-received after its release. It enjoyed massive radio play, making the group a sensation overnight. The group continued to enjoy success.
In March 2000, they released the album “No Strings Attached” which became the fastest-selling record of all time. It sold 1.1 million copies during its first day of release. The group followed their success with another album titled “Celebrity”. It lagged behind their first album becoming the second fastest album of all time selling in excess of 56 million records globally.
Timberlake decided to take a break from the band and focus on his solo career in 2002. This decision naturally led to a slump in the performance of the group. Lance had said that the decision by Timberlake to exit the group hurt him but he has since then moved on and patched any difference with Timberlake.

Lance Bass Personal Life
Lance was romantically involved with Danielle Fishel of “Boy Meets World” fame from 1999 to 2000. After a few more romantic escapades with women, Lance turned his sexual preference to men.
After some speculation in the media regarding sexual orientation with pictures of him at gay bars and gay nightclubs , Lance came forward officially to state his position on the matter. Lance started a romantic affair with Michael Turchin in 2011. They got engaged in September 2013 and married the following year in December.

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