LaVar Christopher Career and Net Worth

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Christopher LaVar Ball

LaVar Christopher Career and Net Worth

Guts is one thing that most people lack in their lies. it could be the difference between reaching one’s dreams and otherwise. Read about LaVar Christopher Career and Net Worth, How much is BBB brand worth? as well as some of his very controversial, outlandish statements in this article. LaVar’s statements are capable of bringing a dead person to life.

LaVar Christopher Ball is an American businessman and media personality from Los Angeles. Ball has approximately $4 million in net worth as of this writing. The success of the family went on unabated featuring in SLAM magazine as well as in television interviews.

LaVar Christopher Early Life
LaVar Christopher Ball was born on the 23rd of October, 1967 in Los Angeles, California . Ball grew up with his four brothers. He attended Canoga Park High School. During his days at Canoga, he was a renowned quarterback on the football team. Ball had a strong interest in sports growing. He however did not contemplate a career out of it. Ball was invited for the NFL’s tryouts in the mid-1990’s and joined the New York Jets. In 1995 he to score 28 yards in kick returns. After his football career in school, Ball made the decision to quit and start a new career as a personal trainer.

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LaVar Christopher Career
Post Ball’s early career as a football player, he switched his career to being a businessman. He laid the foundation of “Big Baller Brand” which took off quite well. The company made an appreciable profit in the first few months of being launched. Ball advertised the company on national TV and compared it with Adidas and Puma. His son Lonzo was associated with UCLA playing basketball at the professional level. He also was instrumental in promoting his father’s brand. In 2017 “Big Baller” launched their first sports shoes, which gained a lot of attention. The pricey shoes generated mixed-reactions from top American athletes such as Shaquille O’Neal. Ball later announced the launch of a shoe line for his youngest son. Ball announced his plans to form the JBA in December 2017. He had massive plans for the future of the league but has later been reported that it is just a way to bring Big Baller more publicity. Ball is known for his controversial remarks. He came to national focus when CBS Sports wrote a feature about his family. He began displaying his arrogance against media interactions. Following that year Ball claimed that his son Lonzo was a better player than Stephen Curry. How much is BBB brand worth? Well, it is worth a whopping $1 billion.

LaVar Christopher Personal Life
Ball married Tina Slatinsky in 1997. He had met Tina while attending Cal State Los Angeles. The couple have three sons: Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. He taught the boys to play basketball at an early age, and all of them have gone on to play in the NBA. Additionally, LiAngelo and LaMelo have played with Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas of the Lithuanian Basketball League. For the team, Ball was as an assistant coach and later as a head coach.