Matt Stone Career and Net Worth

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Matt Stone

Matt Stone Career and Net Worth

Matt Stone Career and Net Worth, Who is worth more Matt Stone or Trey Parker?

Matt Stone is an American actor, writer, producer and animator. Matt has about $700 million in net worth as of this writing. He and his college friend and classmate, Trey Parker are the brains behind the successful Comedy Central series “South Park” which they created in 1997. They have worked on a number of films including “Cannibal! The Musical” in 1993, “Orgazmo” in 1997, “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” in 1999, “Team America: World Police” in 2004 and a lot more.

Matt Stone Early Life
Matt Stone was born Matthew Richard Stone on May 26, 1971 in Houston, Texas. He grew up with his family- Sheila (mother), Gerald (father) and younger sister Rachel in Littleton, Colorado. Matt went to Heritage High School after which he went to the University of Colorado Boulder. Matt majored in Mathematics and film, graduated with a degree in Arts in 1993. After meeting Trey Parker, he formed a closely knit relationship with him and started making short films together. SOme of their films are “Man on Mars” and “First Date”.

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Matt Stone Career
Matt and his pal, Trey formed the Avenging Conscience production company with Jason McHugh and Ian Hardin in 1992. They made the short film “Jesus vs. Frosty” using construction paper cutouts. The short is also known as “The Spirit of Christmas” together with “Jesus vs. Santa”. Parker, Stone, McHugh and Hardin did a trailer for “Alfred Packer: The Musical” whose popularity among fellow University of Coloradu Boulder students that teh chairman of the school’s film department asked them to expand it into actual movie. Mark worked on the film playing a truly utilitarian role as the writer, actor and producer. It was given a new title “Cannibal! The Musical” later when it was sold to Troma Entertainment in 1996. The film has been performed by several theatre outfits. Parker and Matt relocated to Hollywood and experienced quite a difficult time. Matt solely wrote and produced “Orgazmo” with Trey who was the director of the movie. The movie was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1997 and later bought by October Films for $1 million. Brian Graden after seeing “Jesus vs. Frosty” asked Parker and Stone to create a video greeting card for him to send to friends- the results was Jesus and Santa. Comedy Central executive Doug Herzog asked the partners to make the concept into a series. Who is worth more Matt Stone or Trey Parker?
The pilot cost $300,000 and owing to the promotion of the show by Comedy Central, the network made about $30 million just in t-shirt sales before the real show. South Park as at now, has aired in excess of 300 episodes over 23 seasons spawning “South Park”Bigger, Longer & Uncut and several video games like “South Park: The Stick of Truth” in 2014, “South Park: The fractured but Whole” in 2017.

Matt Stone Digital Contract
In 2007, the creative partners’ Comedy Central deal was ready to be renewed. The duo landed a new deal considered as unprecedented in Hollywood. The deal gave them the chance to create a digital hub for everything related to South Park as well as streaming episodes.
The best part is that it gave the a 50% cut of all ad revenue raised by the show, digital or broadcast. This super contract fetched the partners an estimated %25- $30 million each annually from the broadcast of the show on Comedy Central.
The partners also had a 50% cut anytime the show was sold into syndication. In 2015, Hulu paid $198 million for the streaming rights or when South Park’s streaming rights were sold for $500 million. The duo got a 50% cut in each transaction which they split 25% each.

Matt Stone Personal Life
Matt met Angela Howard in 2001 and the lovers got married in 2008. The couple have two children together. The lovers make fun at religion with Matt being a “self-described atheist”.

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