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Maya Oakley

Maya Oakley Illness

Maya Oakley is a television personality. Maya features on National Geo’s Dr. Oakley Yukon TV. Although not a licensed professional, her experience when it comes to animal care is undeniable. Maya is a staunch believer in humanitarianism. She is a promoter of the Minnesota Freedom Fund which is committed to justice and humanity. She is a student at Western Ontario University making it impossible for her to work full time. She helps on the summer vacation.
Maya was very vocal during the Black Lives Matter Campaign in the U.S. and never hid her support for athlete who took the knee in protest of racial injustice.

Family and Early Life
Maya Oakley was born on December 2nd, 1998 in Yukon. Her parents are Shane Oakley and Dr. Michelle Oakley who was a respected vet and TV personality and also doubles as the proprietor of a local animal center that can be found in the Yukon Region. Maya is Canadian. Maya is the older sister of Sierra Oakley and Willow Oakley.
Maya Oakley loves to travel. Maya has visited a number of states like Alaska, Florida, and even the Palm Desert in California in the USA.

Maya Oakley’s Sickness
The internet and various social media pages are awashed with news suggesting the young, bubbly lady has some sort of illness. There are no authentic enough reports that corroborate the claims of illness.
The TV personality has since made several posts on social media. Her recent travel to Alaska seem to give credence to the fact that Maya Oakley was not hit by any strange disease.

Personal Life
Maya’s relationship remains another fascinating aspect of her life. Evidence about her relationship has been very scarce. However, an instagram post of hers in 2018 gave fans something to chew on. In the post, Maya was seeing with a friend named Howell. Maya’s comment stoked more the flames of speculation.


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