Nicole Richie Career and Net Worth

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Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Career and Net Worth

Nicole Richie Career and Net Worth, Are Paris and Nicole still friends? are a few of the many interesting facts in this article.

Nicole Richie is an American reality television star, model and actress. Nicole has about $40 million in net worth- a combined worth with her husband, Joel Madden. She made her way to fame after she appeared on the reality TV show “The Simple Life” with his friend Paris Hilton. Nicole was constantly the interest of the media and tabloid journalism during her hay days.

Nicole Richie Early Life
Nicole Camille Escovedo was born on September 21, 1981 in Berkley, California. Nicole’s parents were afraid they will not be able to bring their daughter up providing her needs for so they allowed her to stay with Lionel Richie from a very young age. Richie was initially her legal guardian but at the age of nine, Richie and his wife officially adopted her. Nicole’s parents had quite an emotional divorce process. Nicole’s parents managed to keed their differences aside and gave her the best they cold. She was exposed to a number of high-profile celebrities at a very young age as a result of her close ties with Lionel Richie. Michael Jackson was her godfather whiles growing up. Quincy Jones is a close family friend who knew Nicole from an early age. After she finished preparatory school in 1999, Nicole went to the University of Arizona. Nicole studied arts and media. Two years into her education, she was unsure of her interest in pursuing academics so dropped out and made the return to California.

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Nicole Richie Television
Nicole joined her childhood friend, Paris Hilton in a new reality TV series dubbed “The Simple Life”. The friends we left on a rural farm in Arkansas where they were exposed a lifestyle and culture that was quite unfamiliar to them. The show continued to build on its success until the fifth season where progress was hamstrung by several issues. The friends had an issue and were not in talking terms. The friends were also confronted with legal battles and possible jail time. The fifth season was the last. She was guest star in a number of films and TV shows. Her first was “Kids in America”, for television, she appeared in shows such as “Eve”, “Sic Feet Under”, “American Dreams”, “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter”, “Chuck” and “Project Runway”. Nicole’s most significant TV gig came in 2016 when she landed a recurring role in the sitcom “Great News”. The series did only two seasons. Are Paris and Nicole still friends? Well, the socialites will support each other.

Nicole Richie Books
She published the book “The Truth About Diamonds” in 2005 which was based somewhat on her life experiences. The book looked at the effects of fame on childhood. It features themes such as drug addiction as well as excessive partying. The book made it straight to the New York Times bestseller list. Nicole released another book “Timeless” in 2010.

Nicole Richie Personal Life
Her first relationship was with Adam Goldstein (A DJ). The lovers were together from 2003 to 2005 and were engaged for nine months one time and had to call it off engagement and went their separate ways. She started dating Joel Madden in 2006. Joel was the lead for the pop-punk band Good Charlotte. The lovers had two children together. They were married in 2010, currently live together in Los Angeles.