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Paddy Holland

Paddy Holland Career and Net Worth

Paddy Holland is a teenage English actor. Paddy has about $1.5 million in net worth as at 2023. He is most commonly known as the brother of Tom Holland. Paddy is also popular for featuring in film like Holmes & Watson, Rose for Lily, and Invasion.

Early Life
Paddy Holland was born on December 6, 2004 in London, England. He is popularly known by his stage name Paddy. His parents are Dominic Holland (an actor, comedian and author) and Nikki Holland (photographer).
He has three brothers namely; Tom Holland, Sam Holland and Harry Holland. He started studying acting at the age of five and has worked as a child actor all his life. Paddy is a lover of skateboarding as well as reading comics.

Paddy had his acting debut in 2015 with “Tweet”. A short comedy directed by Tom Hollande with Nikki, Dominic, Harry and Bob Frost all starring. In 2017, Paddy appeared in one episode of Entertainment Tonight. He made a giant stride in his career when he starred in the action thriller film Holmes & Watson in 2018.
He followed this up with an appearance in a short romantic film dubbed “Roses for Lily” written and directed by Harry Holland. Paddy is a centerpiece in the drama fantasy science fiction TV series Invasion of 2022. Paddy and his brother Tom appear to have love the media spotlight.
The duo have appeared on the red carpet for a couple of times. This has alos helped add to to their visibility. Paddy went to the world premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming with quite an entourage; family members, grandpa and closest cousins.
He made known his profound admiration for his brother when he said during the premiere that he wanted to be like his brother. Paddy, undoubtedly with his confidence and dexterity in acting can become like his brother Tom and more.

Personal Life
The young British actor is unmarried with no ties as well at the moment. Paddy is preoccupied with his career as well as enjoying his teenage. He is very active on Instagram with over 700,000 followers on his Instagram handle.
He is not present on any other social media platform with his real name and profile aside Instagram. He is quite serious about his career, a serious indication of greatness lying ahead of him.


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