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Pasionaye Nguyen

Pasionaye Nguyen

The circumstances of our birth are entirely decided by the universe. We can either accept and confront it head-on or we allow it to keep us down. Learn about Pasionaye Nguyen, Was Tyga born rich? in this write up. The article also points to the several lessons in the life of son and mother.

Pasionaye Nguyen is the mother of Tyga. She raised her son as a single mother. Tyga is her only child. Very little known about Tyga’s estranged father Michael Stevenson.

Pasionaye Nguyen Early Life
Pasionaye Nguyen was born in 1971 in the US. Nguyen is an an Afro-Asian woman of Vietnamese root. Notwithstanding the fact that she is an Afro-Asian with Vietnamese ancestry, she prefers to hold her American nationality. Pasionaye Nguyen’s mother was Kim Nguyen, who was born in 1944. Kim is a Vietnamese, currently resides in Los Angeles. Pasionaye also has a younger sister by the name of Cece Nguyen. According to Cece, their mother Kim is not that fluent in spoken English. Nguyen raised her son Tyga in Compton. Since she was a single mother, she had to grapple with several struggles in life. Nguyen was a victim of domestic violence by her companion Michael Stevenson who is behind bars at the moment.

Pasionaye Nguyen Marriage Life
Tyga’s father- Michael Stevenson is of Afro Jamaican descent. Nguyen and her husband lived in Compton, California. Tyga was born when Nguyen was about 16 years old on November 19, 1989. Although the entire world knew that she raised her son single handedly, there is nothing much to support that she was ever married to Michael. The rumor mill has it that Michael lived wantonly. He had little respect in Crompton. He faced several criminal charges and was most of the time behind bars which hamstrung his ability to raise his family. The couple separated owing to his violent nature. It remains unknown if she married another person. Tyga has posted several photos of his mother but remain tight-lipped about her mother’s love life.

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Nguyen and her Son-Tyga
Tyga was born on the 19th of November, 1989 in Compton, California. At a very young age, TYga demonstrated interest listening to the likes of Eminem, Camron, Fabolous, and Lil Wayne. Tyga is also popular as the Grammy Award-winning rapper for Deuces. He had performed for the song with Kevin McCall and Chris Brown in 2010. He was raised by his mother single-handedly until the age. They later moved to California. Nguyen is a very proud mother. His most popular track on the album was Deuces. It comes at number 14 in Billboard Hot 100. Was Tyga born rich? Not at all, in fact, he grew up in a very difficult situation in Crompton.