Robert Durst Career and Net Worth

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Robert Durst

Robert Durst Career and Net Worth

Robert Durst Career and Net Worth, How wealthy is the Durst family?

Robert Durst was a convicted murderer and real estate scion. He had about $65 million in net worth at the time of his death in 2022. He sadly rose to fame on the back of the unsolved disappearance of his wife Kathleen in 1982, infamously going down as the killer of his friend Susan Berman and his neighbor Morris Black. How wealthy is the Durst family? The family is worth approximately $8.1 billion according to Forbes.
He spent the rest of his life at Twin Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. On January 10, 2022, he passed at the age of 78 while serving life sentence at a health care facility at California Department of Corrections.

Robert Durst Early Life
Robert Durst was born on April 12, 1943 in New York City, New York. He was brought up in Scarsdale. Durst is the oldest of four children born to parents – Bernice and Seymour (real estate magnate). His mother sadly passed when he was seven years old after she accidentally fell from the roof of their building.
He went to Scarsdale High School before enrolling at Leigh University. At Leigh University, he was a part of the varsity lacrosse team as well as the business manager of the student paper. He enrolled in a doctoral course at UCLA in 1965 which unfortunately failed to see the light of day. Durst relocated to New York in 1969.
Not ready to work under his father at the Durst organization, Durst opened his own small food store known as All Good Things in Vermont. After his father managed to convince him to work for his organization, Durst closed his shop. His ‘inappropriate’ behavior caused his father to make his other son take over the organization. Durst sued for his share of the family business. How wealthy is the Durst family? Well, in case you missed, the opening of this article answers this question.

Disappearance of Wife Kathleen McCormack
He met Kathleen McCormack (dental hygienist) in 1971. The two were co-habiting the following year in Durst’s home in Vermont and later in Manhattan. The lovers got married in 1973. After about a decade of living together, Kathleen disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
After a squabble had ensued between the couple, Durst alleged that he escorted Kathleen onto a commuter train before he got home. Kathleen’s friend Gilberte Najamy who was billed to meet her at a pub became worried when did not show up.
Durst filed a missing person’s report only for the superintendent at their apartment to three weeks later find belongings of Kathleen in the trash compactor of the building. Prior to her disappearance, she had requested for a $250,000 divorce settlement.
Durst instead called her credit card, took her name off their joint bank account as well as refuse to pay her medical school tuition. Kathleen had sustained facial bruises allegedly inflicted on her by Durst.

Murder of Susan Berman and Life Sentence
On the eve of Christmas in 2000, Durst pal, Susan Berman was found dead in her home in Los Angeles. Berman was the one who provided the alibi for Durst in the disappearance of his wife earlier. Durst was in California just days prior to the murder and had flown back to New York the night before Berman’s body was found.
Cathy Scott, an investigative journalist suspected Durst for the murder claiming she knew too much about the disappearance of Durst’s wife. In 2015, he was arrested by FBI agents. After several delays, judgment was finally passed in September 2021.
Durst was convicted for the first degree murder of Berman. Durst was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in October 2021.

Murder of Morris Black
Durst was nabbed in Galveston, Texas in October 2001 when body parts of his neighbor Morris Black were found floating in the bay. A search of Durst’s rental car by police found two guns, marijuana, $37,000 cash, Black’s driver’s license and directions to Gilberte Najamy’s home.
He faced trial for the murder of Black in 2003. He pleaded self-defense, claiming he unintentionally killed Black in a struggle over a pistol. Durst admitted to dismembering Black’s body and dumping the remains in Galveston Bay.
Owing to the fact, Black’s head remained missing, the jury acquitted Durst due to lack of forensic evidence.


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