Ross Capicchioni Career and Net Worth

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Ross Capicchioni

Ross Capicchioni Career and Net Worth

Ross Capicchioni Career and Net Worth, What happened to Ross Capicchioni? and more fascinating facts about Ross are eloquently articulated in this article.

On 6 June, 2007, Capichioni was shot by his close pal three times. The fact that he survived those shots to very vital parts of his body remains a wonder to many. It is alleged that he was shot due to a gang initiation. The shooter was arrested and given a 35 years sentence. Ross continues to enjoy his life. A rare wonder!

Ross Capicchioni Early Life
Ross Capicchioni was born on 21st March, 1990 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Ross is a known human rights activist. Ross remains very discrete about his family and and childhood. He enrolled into the Detroit High School albeit did not pursue a college degree.

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Ross Capicchioni Shooting incidence and Fame
After a little hesitation not to ride with his friend to his cousin’s house, Ross finally gave in to ride with his friend to the east of the city notorious for criminal activities. Upon reaching the destination, Ross stepped out of his car looking around.
His friend fired the first shot to his left arm, awed by the sight of his friend holding a shotgun at him, Ross recounts saying to his friend, “did you shoot me?” only to receive the second shot to his chest. The third and final shot went to his head leading him to collapse to the ground. His friend too his car key and bolted.
After a few attempts by Ross to get up proved futile, Ross decided to give up before trying to get up for the last time only to fall after a couple of steps. He luckily got a probation officer to come to his aid until the arrival of the police and ambulance. Ross underwent a very seamless surgical process which remains a surprise to a lot of people till now.
After five days rest and recovery, Ross showed the FBI the kid who committed the crime. At this time, his friend had already been nabbed by the police waiting for Ross’s confirmation. His friend was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Ross Capicchioni Life after the Shooting incidence
His shooting incidence led to a number of magazines and TV shows featuring him. Ross is the lead actor of a documentary movie about himself titled “Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni”. His story is also on YouTube in a footage entitled “Ross Capicchioni and His Amazing Story”. What happened to Ross Capicchioni?
Ross recounts how his family and skateboarding helped him to recover.
The Universe indeed has diverse ways of pushing one to fame and the limelight. A mishap in Ross’s life turned into great fame and popularity. Real Alchemy!

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