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Scott Cawthon

Scott Cawthon

Scott Cawthon is an American animator, video game developer, philanthropist and writer. His fame owes to his creation of the American media franchise, “Five Nights at Freddy’s” in the early 2010s. Since the introduction of his first work, he has worked on additional 10 games in the main series. He retired in 2021. Scott Cawthon has a net worth of $70 million as of 2022. He announced his retirement in 2021.

Early Life
Scott Braden Cawthon was born on June 4, 1978 in Houston, Texas. Scott is a devout Catholic. His interest in game creation began when at the age of 13 his mother bought a gaming program, “Klik & Play”.
Cawthon attended the Art Institute of Houston. After school, his dream of working in game design hit a snag as he did not find work that matched his interest. He worked at Family Dolars and Targets to make ends meet. His perseverance earned him the enviable accolade of one of the best game designers. At a very tender age, he created his first game called “Doofus”.

Cawthon’s journey in the gaming industry began at a very tender age. He made his first game called “Doofus” in the 1990s as a kid. His first official game was RPG Max which was released in 2002. Cawthon later worked with Hope Animation where he created designs based on Christian values. Cawthon went to develop several games including: “Sit N’ Survive”, Chipper and Sons Lumber Co, and The Desolate Hope. Notwithstanding the fact that some of his works were sent to Steam Greenlight (one of the largest digital distribution platforms for PC gaming), Cawthon did not receive the accompanying popularity and fame he needed.
He received a major turn around in 2014 when he submitted Five Nights at Freddy’s to Steams Greenlight Systems. Cawthon leveraged on the success achieved by the game to release ten installments of the series. Scott Cawthon made the decision to take a break from the gaming world in 2021 in order to make time for his children.

Personal Life
Scott Cawthon is married to Michelle Schmidt with six children. Scott lives in Salado, Texas. He is a member of Animation Hope. Scott received hate tweets as well as threats to her wife who was pregnant at the time for donating to Trump’s campaign.
Scott Cawthon announced his retirement in 2021.


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