Steve Berra Career and Net Worth

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Steve Berra

Steve Berra Career and Net Worth

Among the many facts handed about the skateboarder in this article, Steve Berra Career and Net Worth, Steve Berra’ wife, occupy the main themes dealt with in this intriguing article about Steve Berra.

Steve Berra is an American professional skateboarder and director. Steve has approximately $3.5 million in net worth. He began to hone his talent in his teens while domiciled in Nebraska. At the age of 18, he became pals with skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk transitioning into full time professional.
Steve was a member of Birdhouse skateboarding leaving the group in 1992. He then signed with Foundation Skateboards. After a successful stint with Foundation Skateboards, he made a return to Birdhouse creating “The End” in the process. The End became the best skateboarding footage of all time.

Steve Berra Early Life
Steve Berra was born on May 10, 1973. He spent his early years in Nebraska and Missouri. He recounted a very difficult childhood saying, “I was considered poor when I was growing up. I didn’t have a phone”. He told of several times when he was bullied in school for enjoying his passion of skateboarding. He shares very sad moments of his early years when a lot of people thought he was a lost cause. At the age of 14, he decided to take to his skateboarding passion serious.

Skateboarding Career
He was driven strongly by his passion for skateboarding. At the age of 18, he relocated to stay with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Hawk was very instrumental in helping Berra launch a successful career in skateboarding. He gave a lot of guidance and advice to Steve. Hawk once told Steve, “You have to look at skating as fun”. Under the sponsorship of Blockhead, Steve had immeasurable experience with “Blockhead House” where he came across fellow skateboarder Jason Dill. His friendship with Dill sent him onto the 101 skateboard brand, which was owned by Natas Kaupas. Just about the time Kaupas was prepping to confer the status of a “professional” team rider, Berra left and rejoined Tony Hawks’ Birdhouse company. Hawk had a profound effect on Berra whiles with Birdhouse. He explored the possibility of acting. IN 1992, he left Birdhouse and joined the foundation team. Berra was part of the company’s 1993 video Super Conductor Super Collider. He made a return to Birdhouse with the video “The End”. In 2003, Steve had excruciating ankle pain that stymied his ability to skate for most part of the year. He went under surgery in January 2004.

The Berics
The Berics was the brain child of Berra. Berra enlisted his close pal Koston to invest in the premises that contained the training facility. The name of the facility is a combination of Berra + Eric =Berics, located in Los Angeles. The became one of skateboarding’s popular website just a few months after it came into being.

Steve Berra Personal Life
Berra is a scientologist. He captured the impact of Scientology in his life. He says it has helped him as an individual. he claims it has made him have a much better appreciation of life which has helped him in different areas of his life. Steve claims not to have drunk alcohol, smoked cigarettes or any other recreational drugs in his life. Steve Berra’ wife is Juliet Lewis.


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