Steve Perry Career and Net Worth

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Steve Perry

Steven Perry Career and Net Worth

Steve Perry Career and Net Worth, How does Steve Perry make money? and a lot worth-knowing facts about Steve Perry are presented in this article.

Steve Perry is an American singer, songwriter and musician. Steve has about $70 million in net worth as of this writing. He is fondly known as the lead singer of the band, Journey. Steve has also enjoyed a very successful solo career, considered as having one of the best voices in music history.

Steve Perry Early Life
Stephen Ray Perry was born on January 22, 1949 in Hanford, California. He was brought up by Portuguese parents. She got involved with music at a very young age owing to her father’s career as a vocalist who was also the co-owner of a local radio station.
After his parent split at the age of 8 years, Steve moved to his grandparents’ farm. Her musical side got instantly switched on after she heard Sam Cookie sing “Cupid” on the radio. Steve attended High School at Lemoore, California.
He became involved with music during his days in high school. Steve joined the marching band as well as a number of bands outside school with fellow students. He went to the College of the Sequoias where he sung in the choir as a tenor.

Steve Perry Early Career
Steve started taking his music career seriously when he was in his early 20s. During this time, he joined forces with Scott Matthews, a 16 year old. He played the drum and guitar while Perry sang most of the time. The Ice band took off to a very good start.
They managed to record a number of their songs but their inability to locate a manager meant their works remained largely unheard. Steve joined a progressive rock band called Pieces in his attempt to succeed, however, the band’s inability to secure a record deal was his undoing. He refused to give up and joined the band Alien Project in his mid-20s. The bassist for the band was killed in a car crush. This event made Steve take the decision to quit music.

Steve Perry Journey
Steve’s mother encouraged him not to quit music and to apply to a band known as Journey which had contacted him earlier. After listening to Steve’s recording of Alien Project, they were convinced by his talent especially at a time when they were finding it difficult to breakthrough.
Steve replaced the band’s singer and he appeared for the first time on Infinity, their album in 1978. He influenced their style significantly after joining the band. Steve injected pop into the band which was viewed with skepticism only to be silenced by the results. The pop style became the reason why Journey was being played on the radio. How does Steve Perry make money? Well, he makes his money from the entertainment industry with a chunk of it coming from Journey. Steve Perry Career and Net Worth
Steve provided the vocals for several of Journey’s albums. Notable include “Evolution”, “Departure”, “Dream After Dream”, “Captured”, “Escape”, “Frontiers”, “Raised on Radio” as well as “Trial by Fire”. Open Arms was a very successful single, making it to number two on the charts.

Steve Perry Personal Life
Steve was involved in a romantic affair with Sherrie Swafford in the 1980s for whom he wrote “Oh Sherrie” in 1984. He started a romantic relationship with Kellie Nash in 2011. Steve stayed with Nash until she passed in December 2012.
Steve stated in an interview, “Things happened to me as a child that I still can’t talk about – nothing to do with my parents, but things happened. It happened to a lot of kids, as I find out……there was nowhere to talk it out so I got to sing it out instead.


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