Svetozar Marinkovic Career and Net Worth

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Svetozar Marinkovic

Svetozar Marinkovic Career and Net Worth

Most people harbor the hope of getting married to the sweethearts one day as well as living with them for as long as possible. This article explores among other things, Svetozar Marinkovic Career and Net Worth, What happened to Robin Givens net worth? Unfortunately, the marriage between Marinkovic and Givens remains one of shortest if not the shorted in history. Read the article and find out fascinating facts about the ex-tennis instructor.

Svetozar Marinkovic is a famous retired tennis instructor from former Yugoslavia. He has approximately $0.200 million in net worth as of this writing. Marinkovic became a divorced celebrity husband of popular American actress. His marriage to his ex-wife became the center of attraction and focus. Marinkovic earned his wealth from his professional career as a tennis coach. He also has other sources of income. He lives like the Sultan of Brunei in his residence.

Svetozar Marinkovic Early Life
Not much is known about the early life of Marinkovic. Sources have it that, the tennis instructor is in his mid-fifties. His actual birthplace is also not known as the former Yugoslavia was a country now divided into six different republics now.

Life As A tennis Instructor
Marinkovic is a former tennis player and sports instructor. Marinkovic worked in this capacity for over a decade. He later on took an official retirement and began to live a very modest life. His current remains blurred.

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Dating History and Wedding Ceremony
Marinkovic was married to the famous American actress Robin Givens. The former couple tied the know on 22nd August, 1997 in San Diego. His marriage life was not as successful as he would have wished. He used to be the trainer for Givens. The lovers were very much in love and remain great supporters of each other even now.

Marinkovic’ Shortest Ever Marriage to Given
The ex-Marinkovic pair are famous for the fact they had the shortest wedded life ever. His marriage to Given lasted only for seven minutes, the couple ended the relationship abruptly after just a few minutes of finishing their marriage ceremony. This appeared as a surprise to a lot of people.

After Divorce
Marinkovic and his ex-wife divorced on 22nd September, 1997. The reason behind their separation still remains discrete. Givens was in a relationship with Murphy Jensen from 1999 through 2000. Marinkovic however, remains single.

Past Relationship
Marinkovic apparently was not in any relationship prior to his meeting Givens. What happened to Robin Givens net worth? She is worth some $1 million as of this writing. His dating history remains unknown. However, his ex-wife was married prior to being engaged to him. Givens married Tyson on February 7, 1988 and got divorced on February 14, 1989.