Timbaland Career and Net Worth

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Timbaland Career and Net Worth

Timbaland Career and Net Worth, How much does Timbaland sell his beats for? Unravel more about the life of Timbaland and how he defied the circumstances of his birth to create a successful career for himself.

Timbaland is an American rapper, music producer, and songwriter. He has a net worth of approximately $85 million as of this writing. Timbaland’s first credit was on the album “Ginuwine…the Bachelor” for R&B singer Ginuwine in 1996. After work on Aaliyah’s second studio album, “One in a Million,” in 1996 and Missy Elliott’s debut studio album “Supa Dupa Fly” in 1997, He rose to fame and recognition as an astute producer for R&B and hip hop artists.

Timbaland Early Life
Timothy Zachary Mosely (aka Timbaland) was born on March 10, 1972, in Norfolk, Virginia. At the age of 14 in 1986, young Timbaland was , he was working at Red Lobster when he was inadvertently shot by a co-worker. The shooting rendered young Timbaland partially paralyzed for nine months. He used that time to learn how to DJ with his less dominant left hand. In high school, he went by the aka DJ Timmy Tim or DJ Tim for his DJing gigs. Timbaland met and forged a long friendship and collaboration with Melvin “Magoo” Barcliff in this time period. He graduated from Salem High School in 1990. He was part of the group S.B.I. (Surrounded By Idiots), which Pharrell Williams was also a member of.

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Timbaland Career
Missy Elliott upon hearing Timbaland’s song took him with her to New York. Swing renamed the young rapper Timbaland-after the Timberland brand of construction boots that were very popular in the early 1990s. Timbaland, Magoo, Ginuwine, Playa, and Sugah became known as “Da Basement” crew of the Swing Mob artists’ stable. Timbaland did production work on a number of projects with DeVante, including the 1995 Jodeci LP “The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel”. He found success in the pop and R&B industry in the latter part of the 1990s. Timbaland produced a long list of hits, mainly for a chosen group of artists such as Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Ginuwine, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Justin Timberlake. He is adept at incorporating a sense of individuality and creativity into his productions. His trademark stuttering bass-heavy bounce beats offset resounding high-end synth stabs, usually accompanied by his own quiet whispering beneath the track—as well as absolutely no sampling, make his work very special and unique. Timbaland set up his own record label, Beat Club. From 1997 through 2003, he released three Timbaland & Magoo albums and 1998’s “Tim’s Bio” which was a solo album. “Timbaland Presents Shock Value” released in 2007 with its 2009 sequel, adopted a mixture of vocalists, rappers, and rock bands. The albums had a couple of major hits, like “Give It to Me,” featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, which reached the top of the charts. “The Way I Are,” with Keri Hilson and D.O.E., maxed out at number three on the charts. He helped produce many albums for various artists in 2008, such as Madonna’s “Hard Candy,” Ashlee Simpson’s “Bittersweet World”, Flo Rida’s “Mail On Sunday”, Lindsay Lohan’s “Spirit in the Dark”, Chris Cornell’s “Scream,” Missy Elliott’s “Block Party”, as well as Jennifer Hudson’s debut album. Timbaland worked on that year. Timbaland produced “Believe”- the Russian entry for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest by Dima Bilan. The song won the contest. The late 2010 saw Timbaland was feature on the deluxe edition of Chris Brown’s album, “F.A.M.E.,” producing the songs “Paper, Scissors, Rock” (featuring Big Sean) and the bonus track “Talk Ya Ear Off,” which was only available in Japan. How much does Timbaland sell his beats for? He makes an average of $300,000 to $500,000.