Vanessa Arevalo Career and Net Worth

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Vanessa Arevalo

Vanessa Arevalo Career and Net Worth

The Universe has a way of taking all of us to our destinations or better still fulfill our purposes in life. The path may seem very different and even bizarre sometimes but it certainly leads us to the destination seamlessly. Learn about Vanessa Arevalo Career and Net Worth, How much does Cameron Mathison make? as well as how her union with Cameron sets her on the path to fame and repute.

Vanessa Arevalo is a Puerto Rican model and businessman. Vanessa is mostly known by most as the wife of Canadian TV host- Cameron A. Mathison.

Vanessa Arevalo Early Life
Vanessa Arevalo was born on April 19, 1980 in Puerto Rico. Vanessa is of Puerto Rican ancestry. Information about her early childhood remains obscured. Not much is known about her parents and siblings. A chink of her childhood including schools attended and more remain unknown. This comes at very little surprise as Vanessa is discrete and tries as much as she can to keep her life from the lenses of the media.

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Vanessa Arevalo Career
Vanessa set up a clothing line, “KEA+JOBY” together with Nicole Kroll. The line sells in over 150 countries across the length and breadth of the United States. Vanessa has also made appearances as a model in several magazine covers, ads as well as ram shows. Vanessa is perhaps best known as the wife of Canadian actor, Cameron Mathison.

Vanessa Arevalo Rumors and Controversy
Vanessa has managed to keep her life away from the spectacles of the media. In fact, she has not throughout her career being the center of any controversy. She prefers to live a discrete life. She is not active on social media. Vanessa does not have official Twitter account.

Vanessa Arevalo Personal Life
Vanessa is married to Canadian-American actor as well as television host, Cameron Arthur Mathison. The pair got married on July 27, 2002. The couple have two children-Leila Emmanuelle Mathison and Lucas Arthur together. Their union remains very strong with no news of infidelity.