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Wanda Bowles

Wanda Bowles

Being the sister of a celebrity uninvitingly brings its own issues. Learn about Wanda Bowles, Who Is Wanda Bowles’ brother? as well as the relationship that exists between The Rock and his siblings.

Wanda Bowles is the American actress as well as the sister of producer Dwayne Johnson. She is the eldest among her siblings. Notwithstanding the fact of her celebrity sister, she prefers to live her life away from the spotlight. Wanda is the only female among her siblings. Wanda has two brothers-Dwayne Johnson and Curtis Bowles. Information about Wanda remains very scanty. She lives her life away from the cameras, unlike her siblings. Her most famous brother, of course, is Hollywood actor Dwayne, who first burst unto the scene as a professional wrestler. Her other sibling, Curtis, is also relatively private but is active on social media. The one time Wanda was mentioned in the press was in 2008 when her father, Rocky Johnson, thanked her and her siblings during his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Wanda Bowles Early Life

Wanda Bowles was born in December 1962. Wanda was born into a very athletic family. Her parents are ex-professional wrestler Rocky Johnson and Una Sparks. Wanda was born when her father was quite young. Her brother, Rocky was 18 years old at the time of her birth and had not yet reached the height of his wrestling career. At the time of Wanda’s birth her parents were not yet married. Her parents got married later on July 9, 1996, when she was almost four years old. Wanda had a sibling before then, as her parents had her brother Curtis when she was two-and-a-half years old. In 1978, her parents divorced. She was 16 years old then. Wanda’s father was infidel to the marriage. He had an affair with Ata Maivia. They had a son, Dwayne Johnson in 1972. Wanda’s father is a Canadian with African-American roots.

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Relationship with Brothers

Wanda maintains a very healthy relationship with her siblings. Her brother Curtis has wished his siblings a Happy Siblings Day for the past few years. Curtis regularly posts photos of him with Wanda and Dwayne together. Her brother Dwayne remarked on Curtis’s last post, “❤️❤️❤️ Luv U guys!!!” From all indications, it looks as though the siblings are on very good terms.

Wanda Bowles Discrete Life

Wanda maintains a very low profile. She is largely unknown to the public. Wanda has virtually no presence on the internet. Wanda’s last public appearance was with her younger brothers Curtis and Dwayne at their father’s funeral in 2020. Their father had sadly passed away in early 2020 at 75. Who Is Wanda Bowles’ brother?